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First Fuel Economy in SUV SKODA



According to the statics on November 2009, Volkswagen group is the largest automobile company in the world on basis of production. Skoda, Audi and few other car brands in India belongs to Volkswagen group. But marketing strategy of  Volkswagen brands is different from each other. Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen cars in India have separate sales chain and dealership network. The Skoda Auto in India currently has four cars Fabia, Octavia, Laura and Superb.  Adding another one to list , Skoda today unveiled the Yeti SUV in India at Auto Expo 2010 New Delhi.
The Skoda Yeti SUV will be available in in the year 2010 itself. Skoda Yeti will have both petrol and diesel variants. Price of Yeti SUV is not yet fixed.  But it would higher than top model of Fabia and less than that of Skoda Octavia 2010.  The main competitors of Skoda Yeti in India are Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari.

2011 SCODA YETI Family SUV

“It’s what machine?” if the question was when we brought the car to the office next to the job description does not racking circuit records. You might think that we are lazy, but if you spend more than an hour a day taxi in Prague, you no longer work with clutch pedal will soon have fun … If you wanted to Skoda Yeti SUV with a diesel engine, all wheel drive and automatic transmission, you had to the unlucky half of this year SCODA YETI. Damage, but has extended its offer for a new power units (including the 1.4 TSI petrol engine with an output 122 hp) and just happened to Six-and dual-clutch automatic DSG 2.0 TDI version of the SCODA YETI. Automatic transmission, but otherwise you get only the 1.2 TSI gasoline engine that drives only the front kola. SCODA YETI 2.0 TDI with common rail injection is not big news, and dual-clutch automatic SCODA YETI DSG transmission, either. Even all-wheel drive procured mezin?pravovou fourth-generation Haldex clutch is nothing revolutionary. SCODA YETI

2011 SCODA YETI Offroad

Combine all this together, however, and you have the SCODA YETI new car. In addition to the Yeti were also given the opportunity to Octavia and the Skoda Yeti, SCODA YETI.SUV about something we do not have a separate, because in addition to a new kind of drive to the outside or under the hood, no major changes. It’s still so daring by the standards of Skoda Auto. While you are settling in the Czech service SCODA YETI, but still pretty strong and people pay attention to him much more than ordinary and unobtrusive SCODA YETI, SCODA YETI and SCODA YETI. If you want a stealth, it is not yet Skoda Yeti is not a good choice.

2011 SCODA YETI In the Snow

But that’s the SUV is, these cars are more o??ch.Rozhodov?n? between automatic and manual is much more a matter of personal preference. Little wonder, however, over the access of people who shout that the machine SCODA YETI never wanted to because they were bored at the wheel of the SCODA YETI and said i fell asleep. Everyone, of course, must decide for himself what suits him and what he wants, but let me say that the Skoda Yeti is the fact that it bothered people. From such a car so I expect it will be the most tasks associated with the forward motion of the conduct itself – including the convertible ?azen?.Automatick? can radically transform an ordinary car – generally for the better. I remember, and I’m sorry that I pull a completely different car, for example Peugeot 5008 I just came up with the machine much more bearable and actually very good. And the same can be said of the Passat CC and others. In short, the sort I do not want this car, because the more pleasure at the wheel of these cars is that they do not want anything from you. SCODA YETI


2011 SCODA YETI Interior

And then you can move the lever into manual mode and gear short pulses give instructions what to do. Who is the Volkswagen DSG wont know that it is one of the counterintuitive side “up” and each “down”. But it is a bit SCODA YETI. Race cars usually used the reverse mechanism, since the slowing and deterring force pushing you forward and it is easier to do the same arm movement direction than against it. And the same goes for acceleration and gear up. Is a natural draw for SCODA YETI.I when, as a whole fungune 2.0 TDI with DSG well, I can not help such a special feeling that is trying to damage small engines and gearbox tuning. I recently drove a SCODA YETI also with diesel and automatic DSG and it seemed to me that Volkswagen ranked naturally – as if listening to ideas. Transmission of the SCODA YETI sometimes hesitates to Shift Down, after a sharp throttle and sometimes it again with exaggerated zeal and let the engine unnecessarily dial. In Volkswagen’s happened to me, I shouted in the spirit of the drive, “so I included”. The SCODA YETI is but a wishful thinking on a daily basis. To do this but it sounded bad – compared to competitors from outside the VW has the SCODA YETI is perhaps the best machine, what today’s market you dostat.SCODA YETI 2.0 TDI, we took the bridge on the polygon. And given the weather we were happy to have all wheel drive. Once again the U.S. is waiting for a layer of ice covered with snow. Readings Therefore treat with caution SCODA YETI. On ice and snow we measured acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.59 seconds. SCODA YETI promises 10.2, but almost up to like 50 km / h Yeti faced wheel slippages – on such a slippery surface and SCODA YETI.SCODA YETI track again acts rather comically – of 100 km / h, we stopped by 7.39 seconds at 101 , 35 feet. I usually wet the car stops at less than 45 meters … The elastic acceleration from 50 to 80 km / h in third gear with so many adverse conditions are not passed and the SCODA YETI has mastered this discipline in 3.96 seconds. Lap might have been even better than 54.96 seconds, but Always ESP constantly stealing the car speed and allow even small and easily controllable slip. Not so tight it might not be a SCODA YETI, and at least your SCODA YETI would be fully disconnectable ESP offer.

Skoda Yeti SUV specification :
Yeti will have  1.2L and 1.8L petrol models and 2L turbo diesel model. Expected mileage of the petrol model is 13-17 kmpl on normal and highways respectively.  Mileage of the diesel model will be higher than petrol, and there will be corresponding  increase in price. Yeti will have 6 speed automatic and and manual transmission options. 4×4 drive model will also be available.
Skoda Yeti Engine options:
1.2L petrol: 103bhp 175Nm@3500RPM.
1.8L petrol: 157bhp 175Nm@3500RPM.
2.0L Turbo diesel engine: 108bhp 250Nm@ 2000RPM.
Skoda Yeti SUV price and launch date:
Skoda will launch Yeti SUV in India by second half of 2010. The expected price of Yeti India is 9.5 lakhs to 13 lakhs.

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